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Published drawings and cartoons

When J.L. Carr was working with London Magazine Editions to publish his fourth novel How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won the F.A. Cup he wrote in a letter to Alan Ross*:

Yes OK about sending review copies to Birmingham Post and Yorks Post . . . Mention to the Birmingham Post that I worked and lived many years in Birmingham and (I astonish myself) used to illustrate the weekly story for their Birmingham Weekly Post, now dead, and for their Sports Mail used to do a weekly drawing, a sort of cricket believe it or not. Practically worked for them you see! These were hard times in the Carr menage.

I looked through all issues of the Birmingham Weekly Post from July 1946, which is about when J.L. and Sally Carr moved to Birmingham after three months 'demob' leave, and November 1951, when the Carrs left Birmingham to live in Kettering. I found two possible drawings by him, which are shown below. They were not done for the weekly short story, but for two special stories written by E. Baker. Later stories by E.Baker had a different illustrator.

I also looked though the Birmingham Mail Sports Final (a separate sports' newspaper published on Saturdays) from August 1946 to December 1951, and in the Birmingham Sports Argus from July 1947 to November 1951, but did not find any drawings about cricket that could be by Carr and were not signed by other artists. Wherever they were published, I suspect that they are similar to the drawing in the Midlands Club Cricket Conference Year Book, shown below.

*University of Leeeds Special Collections, ref. BC MS 20c London Magazine Editions 1/4/1/4

Source: Birmingham Weekly Post

Date: 25th August 1951

Page: 4

Title: A Challenge Match on the Village Green

Author: E. Baker

Notes: This is not signed but the drawing is in Carr's style.

Source: Birmingham Weekly Post

Date: 8th September 1951

Page: 16

Title: "Skinner Gee" the Black Country Miser

Author: E. Baker

Notes: This is not signed but the drawing is in Carr's style.

Source: 1951 Midlands Club Cricket Conference Year Book

Date: 1951

Page: 23

Notes: This is printed on a single page with no caption and is signed J.L. CARR, lower left.