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The green children of the woods

This is a title in Longmans' Whizz Bang Series. The story tells of two children who were found living wild in the woods of Essex in the 17th century. The children were pale green. They were shot, captured and put on show. This book is based on the story of the Green Children of Woolpit. This is the only one of Carr's children's book that is published by Longmans and may have been a story that Carr wanted to tell. He said in an interview in 1991 in Passport magazine that he was writing a children's book, so he had aspirations to write more for children. I wonder if drafts exist?

(Last updated on 30/11/2020)

●  First edition

Author: J.L. Carr

Year: December 1976

Second impression: 1979

General editor: David Mackay

Artist: Bill Sanderson

Publisher: Longman

ISBN: 0 582 19326 5

Size: 204 x 158 mm

Pages: 32 pp

Binding: printed card covers

Price: not stated

Printed by: Ebenezer Baylis & Son Ltd, Leicester

Notes: There are copies at the University of Edinburgh, Trinity College, Dublin, and the British Library. This is the only one of Carr's books for children that is in the collection of the British Library.

The first edition has not been seen but it is presumed to be in the same format as the second impression.

Image of book

Front cover of 2nd impression