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Jersey Theatre, Number 1

This is the first issue of what was, as far as I am aware, the only publication other than the daily newspapers that were published in Jersey during the German Occupation between June 1940 and May 1945. The magazine asked for contributions, which will be paid for and published advertisements from 11 companies, organisations and people including books from Boots (The Chemist), a hairdresser, a florist and people offering lessons in dancing and drama.

The Opera House advertised a play performed by the Fifty-Five Club called If Four Walls Told, written in 1923 by Edward Percy (1891-1968) and Produced by Albert Durand, who may be the father of the Catholic Priest Albert Raymond Durand (1916-1973) who was held in Nazi prisons and concentration camps.

The cover drawing by Blampied was similar to one published in the Illustrated London News on 5th May 1934 called 'Reactions to comedy'. The magazine also contained an article about Blampied, which is reproduced below.

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Issue: 1

Date: June, 1944

Price: 1 Reich Mark

Pages: 24, including covers

Dimensions: 219 x 136 mm

Printer: V.B. Collins & Co., Jersey


P 2-4. Advertisements.

P 5. 'Jersey Theatre'

P 6-7. Interview with Kenneth Britton

P 8-9. 'Stage Asides'', by Reg. Grandin

P 10-11. 'Review of the Month' by The Editor

P 12-13. 'Competirion: Full House' Won by Patch

P 14. 'The Month's Music' by Orpheus

P 15. 'Why Act?' by Paul Williams

P 16. 'The Pastime for the Million' by Marjorie Kaenel

P 17. 'Edmund Blampied' (see below)

P 18. 'Make-up for the Character Part' by Elizabeth

P 18. Note on The Fifty-Five Club

P 19. 'Soliloquy of an Occupation Actress' by Mae Windsor

P 20-21. Letters from Jack Coombs, R.G. Mourant, C.J. Phillips, F.B.B., Amateur

P 22-24. Advertisements

Photo of cover of magazine

Cover by Blampied (click to enlarge)

Article about Edmund Blampied

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