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The Prodigal Pro Tem

Frederick Orin Bartlett

Frederick Orin Bartlett (1876-1945) was an American writer. This is the British edition of a book first published in Boston in 1910 by Small, Maynard and Company with illustrations by Howard Chandler Christy (1872-1952).

First British edition

Bibliography code: PAL-12.2

Publisher: Frank Palmer

Series: none

Year: 1912

Format: 8vo

Pages: vi, pp 319

Binding: Crimson-red decorated cloth with picture and text in green, grey and white. At top white gate stands open with green bushes and house behind. Title, author beneath in grey. Grey line border. Title, surname of author and publisher in grey on spine. Small roundel in 3 colours of trees, stream and clouds plus two small grey hearts.

Size: 186 x 132 mm

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket (click to enlarge)

Dust jacket signed: Same illustration as frontispiece, signed in white, lower right. Printed on heavy grey paper.

Internal illustrations: Frontispiece only; other illustrations by Howard Chandler Christy

Price: 6 shillings

Printing history: First published 1912

Printed by: Mercat Press, Edinburgh

Notes: The title page states that the frontispiece is by W.H. Caffyn, but it is by Blampied.