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Napoléon at la Paix


This is the last of 11 novels in the Collection Nelson with a dust jacket designed by Blampied.

This copy illustrated is possibly a later edition dated 1930, so only the front panel and spine of the jacket are shown. The design is not signed probably because the design was difficult for Blampied to achieve because of the author's requirements. Edwin Jack wrote to Blampied on 3rd November 1920:

The author of Napoleon at Le Paix seems to be very exacting in the manner of the wrapper of this volume. I am enclosing you a letter we have received from him, also the medal, sketches etc returned by you a few days ago. You will note his criticisms on your design. It seems to me he forgets altogether this is merely a sketch. However it is tolerably clear to me that he wants: 1. He does not want a black band. 2 He takes exception to the expression of the eagle. 3. The Napoleon portrait is not in accordance with the medal. 4. The design at the foot should be smaller, a mere note. His alternative suggestion for another way for treating the design may be ignored. I think you could work out a new sketch endeavouring to make the design as refined as possible and carrying out Mr. Levy’s suggestions. We can submit this and in all probability get his approval. I would suggest that you make the design the same size as the completed drawing will be viz. 6¼” by 4¾”. I am sorry this wrapper has given so much trouble.

Arthur Lévy (French) (1847-1931) was a French historian. Napoléon at la Paix was first published by Plon-Nourrit in Paris in 1902.

First edition thus

Bibliography code: NED-21.1

Publisher: Nelson Editeurs, Paris

Series: Collection Nelson 159

Year: [1921]

Format: 16 mo

Pages: pp 382

Binding: cream cloth decorated in green and purple design with author and title in green in roundel on cover; title, author and decoration in green and purple with N in middle, and publisher in green at base

Size: 160 x 110 mm

Dust jacket signed: not signed

Internal illustrations: none

Price: Original price 4 francs 50 seen printed on wrapper covered with stickers for 5 francs 75c and 7 francs

Printing history: not known

Printed by: Imprimerie Nelson, Édimbourg, Écosse

Image of front panel and spine of dust jacket

Front panel and spine of dust jacket of later edition (click to enlarge)