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Le Roman de Léonardo de Vinci

Dmitry de Mérejkowsky = Dimitri Merejkovski = Dmitry Sergeyevich Merezhkovsky trasnslated into French by Jacques Sorrèze

This is the sixth of 11 novels in the Collection Nelson with a dust jacket designed by Blampied.

This novel was published jointly with Calmann-Lévy Éditeurs, 3, rue Auber, Paris. This copy illustrated is a later edition dated 1930, so only the front panel and spine of the jacket are shown.

Dmitry Sergeyevich Merezhkovsky (in English) or Dmitry de Mérejkowsky or Dimitri Merejkovski (in French) (1865-1941) was a Russian novelist, poet and critic. Le Roman de Léonardo de Vinci was first published in Russian in 1900 by Mir Bozhy magazine and then in French by Calmann-Lévy in Paris in 1901.

First edition thus

Bibliography code: NED-20.1

Publisher: Nelson Editeurs, Paris; Calmann-Lévy Éditeurs, Paris

Series: Collection Nelson 158

Year: [1920]

Format: 16 mo

Pages: pp 573

Binding: probably: cream cloth decorated in green and purple design with author and title in green in roundel on cover; title, author and decoration in green and purple with N in middle, and publisher in green at base

Size: 160 x 110 mm

Dust jacket signed: Blam, lower centre right

Internal illustrations: none

Price: Original price unknown (probably in circle to right of 'Blam' on first edition wrapper)

Printing history: edition dated 1930 seen

Printed by: Imprimerie Nelson, Édimbourg, Écosse

Image of front panel and spine of dust jacket

Front panel and spine of dust jacket of later edition (click to enlarge)