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The Little Lady of the Big House

Jack [Griffith] London

Jack London (1876-1916) was an American novelist who wrote stories about the Klondike gold rush, the best of which are set from the point of view of a dog, such as White Fang (Nelson's Continental Library No. 46). Nelson's published eight titles by London including The Little Lady of the Big House, which was the last book to be published in his life-time. The first British edition was published in 1916 by Mills and Boon. The Nelson edition was probably the first to be sold in continental Europe. London described it as a story about sex and it was criticised for its erotomania, so it's probably quite mild by today's standards. London died aged 40 y of dysentery, uraemia, yaws (a chronic tropical disease) and the effects of alcohol.

First edition thus

Bibliography code: NCL-17.2

Series: Nelson's Continental Library 29

Publisher: T. Nelson & Sons, 189, rue Saint-Jacques, Paris

Year: [1917]

Format: 16 mo in two gatherings (1-1a=4pp;1a-2=12pp)

Pages: 383 pp

Binding: Printed thin card wrappers

Size: 164 x 117 mm

Dust jacket signed: Blampied lower right

Internal illustrations: None

Price: 2 francs

Printed by: Imprimerie Nelson, Édimbourg, Écosse

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket (click to enlarge)

Notes: I found this on sale on the internet in a bookshop in Ferrara in Italy in January 2020, over 100 years since it was published. It's amazing that it survived with its dust jacket. It's a bit foxed.