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Uncle's Farm

This is a book of 14 full page colour pictures on 7 pages of card. There is no text. There are illustrations inside the front and rear covers too. The copy in the British Library dated [1921] is said to have 12 pages and gives credit for the illustrations to A[lexander or Andrew] Scott Rankin (1868-1942), who drew some of the other pictures. The book was reissued in the late 1930s, perhaps 1938.

First edition, thus

Bibliography code: NEL-21.8

Publisher: Thomas Nelson and Sons

Series: none

Year: [1921], reissued [1938]

Format: board book

Pages: 14

Binding: printed covers backed with cloth

Size: 280 x 216 mm

Cover: frontispiece from At the Farm, not signed

Internal illustrations: All illustrations from At the Farm (ATF). Front endpapers: line drawings from p 18 and p 43 of At the Farm. Page 6, colour drawing of children making hay with pitchforks (no safety helmets in those days!) (ATF facing p 140). Page 7, colour drawing of sheep shearing (ATF facing p 115); Page 8, colour drawing of farm workers having their meal in a field (ATF facing p 141); Page 9, colour drawing of a threshing machine (ATF facing p 84). Inside rear cover: colour drawing of farmer feeding pigs (ATF facing p 16). Rear cover: colour drawing of shepherd holding a lamb (ATF facing page 24). Rear endpapers: line drawings from p 102 and p 122 of At the Farm.

Source of illustration: At the Farm

Price: not known

Printing history: original

Printed by: Printed in Great Britain at the Press of the Publishers

Image of dust jacket

Cover of book (click to enlarge)

Notes: The copy in the Bodleian Library has an accession date of April 1921. Nelson's were quick to reuse material in another book. It may also have been published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, New York. Thanks to Geoff Morris for details about his copy of this book.