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The Little Chums

This book is only known from a copy seen on eBay. It was published by Thomas Nelson, New York using material from several other books published in Great Britain, according to the pictures I have seen, but it doesn't match with any title published in Edinburgh. The selection was probably made from material provided by Thomas Nelson and Sons in Scotland.

First edition

Bibliography code:

Publisher: Thomas Nelson and Sons

Series: not known

Year: [1923] estimated

Format: not known

Pages: 122, not numbered

Binding: light green printed cloth with title printed in dark green at the top and picture of four boys and girls and a lamb running downhill in green and yellow, with hops and balloons

Size: 330 x 280 mm approx

Cover: not by Blampied

Dust jacket: not seen

Internal illustrations: letters from The Jolly ABC as line drawings, eight to a page except last page; double page flat colour drawing of a child on a pony from The Nursery Book (1st Year); double page flat colour drawing of a nurse leading children with balloons from Baby's Annual; double page flat colour drawing of a child on a swing under a tree with other children playing from Baby's Annual and Hush-a-bye Baby; line drawings, text and Grislygrump from Blam's Book of Fun; line drawing of ducks on a pond from At the Farm.

Image of dust jacket

Book cover (click to enlarge)

Source of illustration: The Jolly ABC; The Nursery Book; Baby's Annual; Hush-a-bye Baby; At the Farm

Price: not known

Printing history: not known

Printed by: Printed in the United States of America

Notes: The book is bigger than similar titles published in Britain. The book is notable for its racist images and terms. The book is advertised on eBay as 'Black Americana' but all the text and drawings were done by British artists, including a drawing of a black child by Blampied.