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My Own Book of Coloured Pictures

This is one of many titles published by Thomas Nelson and Sons which reproduced drawings by Blampied from earlier titles. This board book used a single colour drawing from At the Farm.

First edition

Bibliography code: NEL-29.1

Publisher: Thomas Nelson and Sons

Series: not known

Year: [1929]

Format: board book

Pages: 14 board pages

Binding: Printed boards backed with white cloth. Cover shows a young girl kissing a baby in her arms signed Muriel Asprey? Title vertical on spine, toy soldier in black

Size: 261 x 198 mm

Dust jacket: not by Blampied

Internal illustrations: page 1 colour drawings of "Off to the farm" facing page 8 of At the Farm

Source of illustration: At the Farm

Price: not known

Printing history: not known

Printed by: Printed in Great Britain at the Press of the Publishers


Image of cover

Cover, not by Blampied (click to enlarge)