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Visible and Invisible

E[dward] F[rederick] Benson

This is a collection of 'spook' stories by E.F. Benson (1867-1940), all 12 of which were first published in Hutchinson's Magazine in 1922 and 1923. This enabled the publisher to sell them twice: first in a monthly story magazine and then in a bound volume of collected stories. The illustration used on the jacket first appeared in the story The Horror-Horn in volume 7, issue 39, in September 1922 (page 243). Blampied illustrated 18 'spook' stories by Benson in Hutchinson's Magazine between 1922 and 1925.

This book was found since my bibliography, published in 2010.

3rd edition; probably 1st and 2nd

Bibliography code: HUT-26.1

Publisher: Hutchinson & Co.

Series: none

Year: [1923]

Format: 8vo

Pages: pp 288

Binding: blue cloth with title and author on front cover in black; title, author and publisher in black on spine

Size: 189 x 131 mm

Dust jacket signed: Blam, top right corner

Internal illustrations: none

Price: 2 s 6d

Printing history: Only third edition seen

Printed by: Pitman Press, Bath

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket (click to enlarge)

Notes: The date of publication of the first edition is taken from the British Library catalogue. Another third edition has been seen on the internet with a plain paper dust jacket priced at 6/-. Blampied also designed dust jackets for books by E.F. Benson which were published by Hodder & Stoughton