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O. Henry [pseud William Sidney Porter]

This is one of 13 books by O. Henry (1862-1910), an American writer of short stories, published in the U.K. by Hodder & Stoughton. At least six of the books have a jacket designed by Blampied (see jacket of second impression of The Trimmed Lamp), but not all the titles have been seen with a jacket or have a signed illustration. These titles were reprinted many times, some into the 1940s still with the illustration by Blampied. Later books issued in Hodder & Stoughton's 'Yellow Jacket' series, such as the second copy, below, were called 'The O. Henry Library Edition'. This book is a collection of 24 short stories first published in the USA by Doubleday, Page & Company in 1910.

  First UK edition

Bibliography code: HOD-16.5

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton


Year: [1916]

Format: 16 mo

Pages: 251, 5 pp ads; later edition pp 320

Binding: Brown cloth with H&S torch logo and initials with vertical red bars impressed on front; title, author and publisher in black on spine with impressed logo.

Size: 182 x 118 mm

Dust jacket: signed Blam., lower left corner

Internal illustrations: none

Price: initially 1 shilling

Printing history: copyright 1910, by Doubleday Page & Company

Printed by: later edition Butler & Tanner, Frome and London


Image of dust jacket

Image of dust jacket on first UK edition (click to enlarge)

Image of dust jacket

Image of dust jacket on later edition (click to enlarge)