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Money's Worth

F[rancis] Bancroft [pseud Frances Charlotte Slater]

Frances Charlotte Slater (1862-1947) was a South African who wrote 18 romantic novels under the pseudonym 'F. Bancroft' between 1906 and 1933, many set in the Eastern Cape.

This dust jacket might be by Blampied, because the horse is well drawn and he liked to use what he called 'notes' of colour, such as the red on the woman's hat and cardigan. But I could be wrong. Please let me know if you have a copy with the whole jacket, here.

  First U.K. edition

Bibliography code: HOD-15.?

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Series: none

Year: 1915

Format: 8vo

Pages: 315

Binding: Green cloth with title in yellow encircling yellow silhouette of woman's head. Yellow lines around edge of cover. Title, author in gold at top of spine with two lines leading down to publisher in yellow at bottom.

Size: 190 x 130 mm

Dust jacket: no signature seen

Internal illustrations: none

Price: 6 shillings

Printing history: not known

Printed by: not known

Image of dust jacket

Image of dust jacket (click to enlarge)

Notes: Advertised in The Bookman, Special Xmas Number, 1915, and illustrated. Price 6/-.