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The Gossip Shop

J. E. Buckrose [pseud Annie Edith Jameson]

Annie Edith Foster (1861-1932) married Robert Falconer Jameson in 1899. She wrote 40 novels between 1903 and 1932 under the pseudonym J.E. Buckrose, mostly about middle class life in Yorkshire. She was an enthusiastic member of the Church of England. Her husband was a timber merchant. Several of her novels can be found online.

  First edition

Bibliography code: HOD-17.3

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Series: none

Year: 1917

Format: 8vo

Pages: 283

Binding: Greyish cloth with title and author in brown on front in brown boxes and device; same on spine with publisher below

Size: 190 x 130 mm

Dust jacket: signed Blampied, in white, underneath the table cloth

Internal illustrations: none

Price: 5 shillings

Printing history: none stated

Printed by: not known

Image of dust jacket

Image of dust jacket (click to enlarge)