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Maxim Gorky [pseud of Aleksei Maxsimovich Peshkov]

This is one of two possible, but not seen, books in Hodder & Stoughton's Great Russian Fiction Series. They are listed on the rear cover of the jacket of The Little Angel, for example. A copy of the book has been seen, but not with a jacket. A jacket design by Blampied is assumed as five others have a jacket designed by Blampied. If you have a copy, please let me know.

Maxim Gorky was a Russian writer and political activist.

  First edition, thus

Bibliography code: HOD-15.6

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Series: Great Russian Fiction

Year: 1915

Format: 8vo

Pages: 384

Binding: Red decorated cloth with large black Imperial Russian eagle impressed in black with small shield of St. George and Dragon within; title above and author below in black. Spine in black from top: Great Russian Fiction, title, author, Imperial crest, publisher

Size: Not seen

Dust jacket signed:

Internal illustrations: none

Price: 2 shillings 6 pence

Printing history: not seen

Printed by: not known

Not seen