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Spring - 1945

A Poem, written by Winter Le Brocq, illustrated by Edmund Blampied

This was written when everyone in the Channel Islands, including their 17,000 German occupiers, had been cut off from all supplies as the Allied Armies were fighting the Germans in France. By that time supplies of paper were very limited and this was published on a single sheet of thin, acidic paper.

This was the second poem published by Winter Le Brocq, who was the author of one previous small book of poetry, The Wishing Well, and other poems (A.H. Stockwell, London, 1926). A play by Winter Le Brocq called Montparnasse was performed at the Opera House in Jersey in 1944. The only item about Winter Le Brocq I can find is his registration card during the Occupation, which gives his date of birth as 9th December 1904, so he would have been 41.

This is a rare lino cut illustration by Blampied. He had provided similar illustrations for issues of Jersey Theatre and Jersey Forum, a short-lived magazine published in Jersey betwen June and December, 1944.

Image of front

Front of the broadsheet

Image of cover page

Inside the broadsheet

First and only edition

Bibliography code: FRW-45.1

Publisher: A. Michael Frowd, Jersey

Series: none

Year: 1945

Format: folded broadsheet

Pages: pp 2

Binding: none

Size: 204 x 316 mm

Signed: single lino cut illustration signed EB at shoulder of figure to left

Internal illustrations: No

Price: not known

Printing history: none given

Printed by: F.J. Ashelford