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The Untamed. Horses of the Wild.

David Grew

This is a story about horses, told from the perspective of a horse, like Black Beauty. The illustrations by Blampied were added to the third impression, only. I have not seen any later impression. The first and second impression also contained illustrations, by Harold Sichel. I have not seen a copy of the 3rd impression with the dust jacket. Two different bindings are known.

David Grew (1887-1971) was an American writer about wildlife. His books featured wild animals and horses, mostly in Canada.

First edition, 3rd impression

Bibliography code: TFU-23.1

Publisher: T. Fisher Unwin

Series: none

Year: 1923

Format: 8vo

Pages: frontispiece, 256 pp

Bindings: 1) blue cloth with title and author impressed and in an oblong in the middle an image of a horse, also impressed; title, author and publisher in gold on the spine; plain rear boards; 2) brown cloth with title impressed at top and author at bottom with central section of the colour frontispiece of horses pasted in the middle; title author and publisher in gold on spine. The blue binding may have been used also for the first two impressions; it has also been seen in red cloth.

Size: 194 x 139 mm

Dust jacket: not seen

Internal illustrations: Frontispiece in colour signed Blam (see left) and four line drawings printed in glossy unnumbered leave bound between pages 36-37, 66-67, 127-128 and 254-255, all signed Blam

Price: 6 shillings (from advert)

Printing history: First published 1923; second impression 1923; third impression 1923

Printed by: Ebenezer Baylis & Son, Worcester

Notes: My copies in blue and brown cloth have uncut pages.

Image of frontispiece

Frontispiece by Blampied (click to enlarge)