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The Five Children

The text of: The Five Children and It, The Phoenix and the Carpet, The Story of the Amulet

E[dith] Nesbit

It is likely that this collected edition was first published in the U.K. by Ernest Benn, but it has not been found. It may have had a different title so that it wasn't confused with The Five Children and It.

E. Nesbit (1858-1924) was a writer and socialist. In 1880 she married Herbert Bland and with him was one of the founder members of The Fabian Society. Bland died in 1914 and she married in 1917 Thomas Terry Tucker.

US edition

Bibliography code: TFU-30.1

Publisher: Coward McCann, Inc


Year: 1930

Format: 8vo

Pages: not known

Binding: not known

Size: not known

Dust jacket: signed Blam to right of boy, used on the U.K. edition of The Five Children and It

Internal illustrations: not seen

Price: not known

Printing history: not known

Printed by: not known

Notes: This is only known from a copy seen on eBay. It was also issued as a Junior Literary Guild selection (see below).

Image of dust jacket

Image of dust jacket of US edition

Image of dust jacket

Image of dust jacket of US edition