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Maid Molly

A[lfred Arthur] G[reenwood] Hales

Alfred Greenwood Hales (1860-1936), known as 'Smiler' Hales, was an Australian novelist and war correspondent. This is part of an article about Hales in an Australian newspaper, just after he died:

Mr Hales lived dangerously. He was in every important rush which took place in the last decade of the nineteenth century - Broken Hill, Coolgardie, Kimberley, North Queensland and some others. He followed the wars, fighting or acting as war correspondent in South Africa, the Russo-Japanese War, wars in the Balkans, and the Great War. He was daring and carefree, a fine horseman, a strong and ready boxer, and participant in all sports requiring athleticism. Hales was a vigorous and imaginative writer, whose pen was often as good humoured and reckless as he himself. His novels, which commanded wide reading, were virile but not as much as his contributions to the daily papers. His letters from South Africa to the Daily Mail during the Boer War caused a sensation. They were read with avidity everywhere. Hales found dramatic, tragic, sentimental and picturesque material where to others there was hardly more than a blank.

Photo of Hales

A.G. Hales, not smiling

Hales wrote two novels featuring a man named M'Glusky, an Australian of Scottish descent: M'Glusky and M'Glusky the Reformer both of which had a dust jacket designed by Blampied. Blampied also designed dust jackets for two other novels by Hales: The Watcher on the Tower and Angel Jim.

Cheap edition

Bibliography code: TFU-22.4

Publisher: T. Fisher Unwin

Series: none

Year: 1922

Format: not seen

Pages: not seen

Binding: not seen

Size: not seen

Dust jacket: signed Blam, lower margin right

Internal illustrations: none

Price: not known

Printing history: First published 1906

Printed by: not known

Notes: This book is known only from Blampied's album of dust jackets. The dust jacket has not been found on a book. If you have one, please contact me.

Image of dust jacket

Panel of dust jacket from Blampied's album (click to enlarge)