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Lovers and Friends

E[dward] F[rederick] Benson

Edward Frederic Benson (1867-1940) was an English novelist, biographer, archaeologist and short story writer. According to Unwin's Bulletin, this is a novel of love and intrigue in high society. The paper Common Cause (4 November 1921) declared that Mr Benson sees nothing but a kind of fantasmagoria of his own previous creations. . . His characters are faint reproductions or caricatures of those in his earlier books.

This dust jacket is not signed by Blampied, but he pasted the panel into his personal album of dust jackets (see below). It is the second novel by E.F. Benson for which Blampied designed the dust jacket for T. Fisher Unwin. It is odd that the title of the book on the second impression has the same (probably) hand-drawn letters as the name of the author but the panel from Blampied's album, perhaps of the first impression, uses a more formal serif font.

First edition

Bibliography code: TFU-21.1

Publisher: T. Fisher Unwin

Series: none

Year: 1921

Format: 8vo

Pages: 320

Binding: 2nd imp: red cloth with vertical lines impressed on front and TFU logo; title author and publisher in black on spine.

Size: 193 x 136 mm

Dust jacket: not signed

Internal illustrations: none

Price: 7 shillings 6 pence (from advert)

Printing history:

Printed by: Unwin Brothers, Limited, The Gresham Press, Woking and London

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket of 2nd impression (Cheap edition) 1923 (click to enlarge)

Notes: The book perhaps was not very successful as the second impression in 1923 was a cheap edition at less than half the price of the first. It was reissued by Ernest Benn in 1930, but in a new jacket.

Image of dust jacket

Panel of dust jacket from Blampied's personal album (click to enlarge)