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Charles W[illiam] Westron

This book was first published in 1919 by Heath Cranton, so this is probably the second edition. The jacket design is known from Blampied's album of dust jackets, which contains the front panel only and is shown below. It doesn't indicate any publisher but later editions published by Collins with the same illustration have identified the publisher.

Charles William Westron wrote three novels starring Salty. The other two were entitled More Salty (Collins, 1924) and Salty Ashore (Collins, 1929). He also wrote a book on double-entry book-keeping (Pitman, 1924).

Second edition

Bibliography code: COL-22.4i

Publisher: W. Collins and Sons, presumed

Series: None

Year: [1922]

Format: Not known

Pages: Not known

Binding: Not known

Size: Not known

Dust jacket signed: Blam, centre right

Internal illustrations: Not known

Price: Not known

Printing history: Not known

Printed by: Not known

Notes: There is no copy of this book in a copyright library in the U.K.

Image of dust jacket

Front panel of dust jacket from Blampied's album (click to enlarge)

Third edition

Bibliography code: COL-22.4ii

Publisher: W. Collins and Sons

Series: Collins' New 1/- Fiction Library No. 66

Year: Not stated

Format: 16 mo

Pages: viii, pp 241, 3 pp adverts

Binding: Pale blue lined cloth with rim in black; title, author, decoration and publisher in black on spine

Size: 160 x 110 mm

Dust jacket signed: Signature obscured

Internal illustrations: None

Price: 1 shilling

Printing history: Not givem

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket (click to enlarge)

Printed by: Collins Clear-type Press

Notes: A paperback edition is also known.