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Everybody's Dog Book

Major A[lex] J[ohn] Dawson

Alec John Dawson (1872-1951) was a traveller, dog expert and author. He was the author of the novel Finn the Wolfhound.

First edition

Bibliography code: COL-22.2

Publisher: W. Collins Sons and Co., Ltd.

Series: None

Year: May 1922

Format: 8vo

Pages: x, pp 294

Binding: Dark blue cloth with title and author impressed on cover; title author and publisher in gold on spine

Size: 225 x 152 mm

Dust jacket signed: Blam, lower right

Internal illustrations: Frontispiece of jacket illustration and 24 monochrome photos

Price: First edition unknown; 5th imp 3s 6d,

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket of 5th impression (click to enlarge)

Printing history: 1st imp May, 1922; 2nd imp June, 1922; 3rd imp October, 1922, 4th imp November, 1925, 5th imp February, 1926

Printed by: W. Collins Son, Glasgow

Notes: The first edition has not been seen but it is presumed to be the same size and format as the 3rd impression, described above. This is slighlty larger than the 5th edition (207 x 152 mm), the jacket of which is illustrated above. The third impression has a frontispice by Blampied, which is the same illustration that appears on the jacket. The 5th impression has no frontispiece although it is listed on the Contents page, and the text on the spine is orange. The 5th edition has only 8 photographs compared with 24 photographs in the 3rd impression. A second edition was published in 1933 by Philip Allan.