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Other engravings and designs by Stephen Gooden

Stephen Gooden designed what Campbell Dodgson (1944) called 'Devices, ornaments and monograms etc', which included devices for publishers, designs for cheques, and his own letter paper which he used for invoices and letters.The only example I have is a letter, which shows his address from 1933 to 1939.

(Page created 5/10/2022)

Image of engraving

B3: Letter heading, 5 Belsize Studios

Date: 1933-39

Plate size: 60 x 149 mm

Campbell Dodgson (1944): 166

States: state v (final state)

Proofs: unknown

Notes: This is the third of Gooden's engravings for his address, all within the same design. He used it for his invoices and official correspondence. The address at Glenilla Road was of his studio, rather than where he lived. He moved in 1939 to Chesham Bois and did not alter the design again, perhaps because it was no longer possible to burnish and rework the copper plate, which had probably been steel faced to harden it.