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The Real Wonder (or The boy who could flick peas into a milk bottle).

Carr contributed this short story to a collection of material that could be used at Primary school assemblies.

(Last updated on 22/9/2023)

In: Assemblies

Publisher: Scholastic Ltd, Leamington Spa

Year: 1994

ISBN: 0-590-53099-2

Size: 283 x 211 mm

Pagination: pp 192

Binding: Printed card

Illustrations: Jane Gedye

Compilers: Ian Addis and Sue Spooner

Cover design: Jane Gedye

Printed by: Salvo Design and Print, Leamington Spa

Content: Carr provided a two-page story on pages 96-97.

Notes: Thanks to Ian Addis who brought this to my attention at the first Kettering Literary Festival on 16th September 2023.

Image of book

Cover of book