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Magazine articles written by J.L. Carr

Only a few articles have been found. Please let me know if you know of others. He is known to have writen short stories when he was working as a teacher in Southampton and Birmingham, before the war, and had submitted them to newspapers for publication. Carr's reviews for The Spectator are listed here.

In the Northamptonshire County Cricket League Yearbook for 1959 Carr reported that he had started to edit the Parish Magazine, presumably for the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Kettering. This has not been seen.

 Carr. J.L. (1932). Editorial. The Eagle, vol 24, no 1, Christmas 1932, page 2.

This may be Carr's first printed article.

 Carr. J.L. (1963). Brave New World. Times Educational Supplement, 1st March 1963, p 400

An article against streaming pupils in schools.

 Carr. J.L. (1968). How I educated my son for a term. Where, no. 39, January 1969, pp 53-56.

Where was a magazine about schools and education founded by Michael Young, who is quoted in the forematter to The Harpole Report. In this article Carr describes, from a teacher's perspective, how he educated his son 'Tom' at home for a school term. A quote:

Perhaps I'm the last person who believes that the best way to savour poetry is to learn it.

 Carr. J.L. (1969). Profile of Shears Green Junior School. Where, no. 41, September 1968, pp 12-13.

In this article Carr describes a school in Kent that he had visited, with recollections of T.R. Dawes (his Headmaster at Castleford Secondary School) and anecdotes about teaching handicrafts to 52 boys in a Birmingham junior school. The article has a short introduction to Carr:

Until 18 months ago, Mr Carr managed to combine [writing novels] with being a Primary school headmaster - where he discoved that it was possible to do without a cane, 'Sir', standing on a platform, going on about God still trailing clouds of glory, having fights with parents, or streaming.

 Carr, J.L. (1978 or 1981?). Publishing in a shoe-box. The Bookseller, details unknown.

The article was reprinted in The History of the QTP, published in 1987. Carr dated the article as 1970, but in the article he wrote: I started 14 years ago with savings of £1,600 . . ., so if he started publishing in 1964 (the date on his colophon), the article must have been published in 1978 or if he started publishing after he had retired from teaching, which was in 1967, then perhaps it was published in 1981?

 Carr. J.L. (1983). A Double Life in Literature. The Author, volume 44, no.4, 102-104.

The article was reprinted in The History of the QTP, published in 1987. Carr describes his experiences of setting himself up as a publisher and of trying to get publishers to take his novels.

 Carr. J.L. (1987). Summer of '64. John Clare Society Journal, no. 6, July 1987, pp 34-35.

Carr describes how he came to publish his first small book, a volume of the poems of John Clare on the 100th anniversary of the poet's death.

 Carr. J.L. (1989). The View from Here. J.L. Carr: Kettering, Northamptonshire. The Telegraph Weekly Magazine, date unknown, April 1989.

Carr describes events in a week in Kettering.

 Carr. J.L. (1992). Ringstead School Remembered. Strapetona, magazine of the Thrapston District Historical Society, p 12.

Carr describes how he taught at the primary school at Ringstead in 1951 while waiting for Highfields School to be completed.