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This section contains odd items of printed ephemera related to books or to Carr that don't really fit anywhere else.

Quince Tree Press order form for Carr's novels

This is an order form sent to my father in about 1992. Carr was selling Penguin editions of some novels as well as editions published by the QTP.

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Quince Tree Press invoice

This is an invoice sent to the publisher Donald Maxwell in 1985. The inscription reads:

The next bk will be The Song of Songs (!) After that quite a bit of reprinting of o/s bks (Johnson, Rossettis, Morris, Donne, Wilde) with an eye on my Sinking Fund. It's been a fairish year, no better than last, considering the no. of titles has increased. Next yr will be my 21st & ½ millionth small book. No more carving time but I weekly admire my two medieval revivals as I go to market. The Welsh widow still cooks splendidly. Next wk I'm giving a lecture in Oxford How to write a novel in One Easy Lesson. Quartet sent me a royalty statement. They sold 8 copies of the cricket book last year & I've still not earned my down payment! I'd like to buy a few remainders. Do not flag. Jim.

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Order of Service for J.L. Carr's funeral

This is the order of service at Carr's funeral in 1994. The person who owned it added the readings: Crossing the bar by Tennyson; Requiem by A.E. Housman; and the closing paragraphs of A Month in the Country read by Mrs Farrar.

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