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ISBNs by number

J.L. Carr was issued with 100 international standard book numbers in about 1968, presumably to apply to his publications, including his maps. No book or map that he published has been seen with a printed ISBN, but 94 were allocated to publications by Carr, leaving six not allocated. Three more were allocated in 2000 by the Quince Tree Press and three remain unused, or at least nothing is returned by a search in Bookfinder using the 10 digit ISBN, including the leading zero. The last digit or the letter X is a checksum, so the series runs from 700 to 799, with all other numbers the same.

Some ISBN search engines do not list all Carr's numbers, such as ISBN Search, others list more, such as Books-by-ISBN.

To be pedantic, because the ISBN may contain a letter, it's a code not a number, so the abbreviation should be ISBC. Codes are not sorted in the same way as numbers.

And to be even more pedantic, Carr tells in his hand-written foreword to Harpole & Foxberrow how, in his first teaching job in Hampshire in 1933-34, the Headmaster came into his class and picked up a book and said:

'Turn to page (i)'.' They turned to Page 1. 'Ah no', he said patiently, 'Not Page One, Page (i), and tell me who are Faber & Faber. Is he, they, one man or two men or perhaps Mr & Mrs Faber. . . And what does I S B N mean and how should I say it?''

ISBNs were not introduced until 1967, but it's the story, not the detail. Carr's point was that there is more to a book than the text, as this web site shows. The fact that Carr had applied for some of the earliest ISBNs ever issued is interesting. He applied them to some of his small books and maps, but did not actually have the number printed on any small book or map - that I have seen, at least. He printed numbers on the five novels that he published from the Quince Tree Press, but that's all.

Table of ISBNs in number order.

Type Author Title Month Year ISBN 10
Map J.L. Carr Suffolk December 1968 090084700X
Map J.L. Carr Kent September 1969 0900847018
Map J.L. Carr Yorkshire September 1969 0900847026
Map J.L. Carr Hampshire December 1968 0900847034
Map J.L. Carr Wales March 1969 0900847042
Map J.L. Carr Sussex June 1969 0900847050
Map J.L. Carr Wiltshire October 1969 0900847069
Map J.L. Carr Oxfordshire December 1969 0900847077
Map J.L. Carr Norfolk December 1969 0900847085
Poetry William Barnes Ten Dorset Poems August 1970 0900847093
Map J.L. Carr Lincolnshire October 1970 0900847107
Map J.L. Carr Warwickshire November 1970 0900847115
Map J.L. Carr Northamptonshire November 1970 0900847123
Not used Not used Not used 0900847131
Not used Not used Not used 090084714X
Map J.L. Carr Somerset May 1971 0900847158
Map J.L. Carr Gloucestershire May 1971 0900847166
Map J.L. Carr Suffolk May 1971 0900847174
Not used Not used Not used 0900847182
Map J.L. Carr Yorkshire May 1971 0900847190
Map J.L. Carr Northumberland September 1971 0900847204
Map J.L. Carr Essex September 1971 0900847212
Map J.L. Carr Huntingdonshire August 1971 0900847220
Poetry William Blake Poems No date No date 0900847239
Poetry Joseph Goodson Wansford Bridge January 1968 0900847247
Poetry Alfred Tennyson Lincolnshire Landscape March 1968 0900847255
Map J.L. Carr Devon May 1970 0900847263
Map J.L. Carr Rutland April 1972 0900847271
Map J.L. Carr Co. Palatine of Lancaster April 1971 090084728X
Map J.L. Carr Leicestershire April 1972 0900847298
Poetry William Blake 12 poems April 1972 0900847301
Map J.L. Carr England and Wales July 1972 090084731X
Map J.L. Carr Herefordshire September 1972 0900847328
Map J.L. Carr Worcestershire September 1972 0900847336
Map J.L. Carr England and Wales May 1973 0900847344
Poetry D.G. Rossett & C. Rossetti Poems March 1973 0900847352
Poetry Andrew Marvell Poems December 1972 0900847360
Poetry Robert Herrick Poems December 1972 0900847379
Poetry William Blake Twelve poems May 1974 0900847387
Poetry Alfred Tennyson Lincolnshire poems May 1974 0900847395
Map J.L. Carr Cheshire May 1974 0900847409
Map J.L. Carr Yorkshire September 1975 0900847417
Map J.L. Carr Essex September 1975 0900847425
Map J.L. Carr Gloucestershire September 1975 0900847433
Map J.L. Carr Hampshire September 1975 0900847441
Map J.L. Carr Kent September 1975 090084745X
Map J.L. Carr Northamptonshire September 1975 0900847468
Map J.L. Carr Norfolk September 1975 0900847476
Map J.L. Carr Somerset September 1975 0900847484
Map J.L. Carr Suffolk September 1975 0900847492
Map J.L. Carr Middlesex September 1975 0900847506
Map J.L. Carr Cornwall September 1975 0900847514
Map J.L. Carr Bedfordshire September 1975 0900847522
Map J.L. Carr Buckinghamshire September 1974 0900847530
Map J.L. Carr Derbyshire September 1975 0900847549
Map J.L. Carr Hertfordshire September 1975 0900847557
Map J.L. Carr Nottinghamshire September 1974 0900847565
Map J.L. Carr Staffordshire September 1975 0900847573
Map J.L. Carr Surrey September 1974 0900847581
Poetry John Donne Poems August 1975 090084759X
Poetry James Elroy Flecker Poems August 1975 0900847603
Poetry William Wordsworth Poems August 1975 0900847611
Poetry Matthew Arnold Poems August 1975 090084762X
Poetry John Donne Poems August 1975 0900847638
Poetry Robert Louis Stevenson Poems August 1975 0900847646
Poetry Edward Thomas Poems December 1975 0900847654
Poetry William Shakespeare Sonnets December 1976 0900847662
Poetry William Cowper Poems March 1976 0900847670
Poetry Omar Khayyam Poems March 1976 0900847689
Text Samuel Johnson Sayings of Chairman Johnson March 1976 0900847697
Poetry John Dryden Satirical Portraits April 1976 0900847700
Poetry William Cowper William Cowper No month 1976 0900847719
Poetry George Herbert Poems December 1975 0900847727
Text John Aubrey Portrait miniatures June 1976 0900847735
Text John Aubrey Brief lives: selections June 1976 0900847743
Map J.L. Carr Westmoreland December 1976 0900847751
Poetry Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Hiawatha January 1977 090084776X
Map J.L. Carr Cumberland March 1977 0900847778
Dictionary J.L. Carr Dictionary of English Queens March 1977 0900847786
Poetry George Crabbe Peter Grimes March 1977 0900847794
Dictionary J.L. Carr Dictionary of English Cricketers August 1977 0900847808
Map J.L. Carr Berkshire December 1974 0900847816
Map J.L. Carr Cambridgeshire No month 1974 0900847824
Map J.L. Carr Dorset December 1974 0900847832
Map J.L. Carr Durham December 1974 0900847840
Map J.L. Carr Shropshire No month 1974 0900847859
Poetry John Clare Poems December 1964 0900847867
Poetry Wilfred Owen with Rupert Brookes Poems No date No date 0900847875
Text Jane Austen History of England November 1977 0900847883
Text William Cobbett Opinions October 1977 0900847891
History J.L. Carr The Revolt of 1381 June 1981 0900847905
Novel J.L. Carr What Hetty Did November 1988 0900847913
Novel J.L. Carr A Month in the Country February 1991 0900847921
Novel J.L. Carr Harpole and Foxberrow June 1992 090084793X
Novel J.L. Carr Steeple Sinderby December 1992 0900847948
Not used Not used Not used 0900847956
Novel J.L. Carr Battle of Pollocks Crossing December 1993 0900847964
Novel J.L. Carr Dictionary of Kings June 2000 0900847972
Text Duke of Wellington What they said May 2000 0900847980
Poetry John Donne Selected poems June 2000 0900847999