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London's Social Calendar (1915)

The text on page 3 of this publications states:

A publication containing illustrations in colour, and descriptions of famous functions attended by English society. In presenting this Brochure to their Patrons, the Savoy Hotel Co. are endeavouring to place in their possession a volume which they hope will be a lasting and unique Souvenir.

This sumptuous colour brochure was given by the Savoy Hotel to its wealthy clients to tell them about the major social events in and around London in 1915 and where to shop. The functions are listed on a fold-out page that has been pasted onto page 4 and is followed by colour illustrations of events, some as a single page, some spread over two pages including: the Coronation Ceremony in Westminster Abbey, the Opening of Parliament by the King, A fancy dress ball at the Savoy, Cup day at Ascot, the Lord Mayor's Banquet, Henley Regatta, the Eton and Harrow cricket match at Lord's, and Polo at Ranelagh (by Blampied, illustrated). The advertisements at the back show drawings in colour of Waring & Gillow, J.C. Vickery, Daimler, Walter Jones, Rolls Royce, John Dewar and James Buchan. Then there are drawings in colour illustrating products such as Schweppes (3), Pears soap, Eno's fruit salts, followed by two-colour adverts for London department stores Debenham and Freebody, and Robinson & Cleaver.

Publisher: The Savoy Hotel, London

Year: 1915

Format: Printed pages in card covers

Pages: 74 pp text and adverts with a fold-out pasted onto page 4

Binding: Illustrated card covers protected by a blank glassine wrapper

Size: 246 x 200 mm

Cover design: a mural of five cherubs and festoons of roses, with the title in the middle

Internal illustrations: Pages 5-46 are colour illustrations of social events, many unsigned, but p 30 is an illustration signed Blampied; pages 47 to 74 are adverts.

Price: Not sold

Printed by: Not stated

Notes: The illustration by Blampied had first appeared in monochrome in the The Illustrated London News on 4th July 1914 (volume 145, issue 3942, page 14). This is interesting because it shows that Blampied did his drawings for these magazines in colour and they were reproduced in monochrome. One of my two copies of this brochure still has its original envelope from the Savoy Hotel and the thin glassine wrapper.

Image of dust jacket

Illustration by Blampied on page 40 ( click to enlarge)