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The title says it all.

(Page created on 25/9/2022)

●  Three minutes of church bells recorded in September 2022 in Balcombe, Sussex, which you should be able to play in your Media Player when the link opens.

●   The video on YouTube of my helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls in April 2017. It preceeds the video immediately below and sets the context. You can see that the river winds down a gorge behind the falls which shows how the falls have moved over millenia. Film taken with a Canon G15 camera.

●   The video on YouTube of my helicopter flight down the ravine behind the Victoria Falls in April 2017. It has been viewed 6 million times.

●   One of six short videos on YouTube of Ganges Dolphins (Platanista gangetica gangetica), seen in November 2012 on the Rupsha river near Khulna in Bangladesh. I had hired a country boat to take two friends onto the river on Friday afternoon (the weekend in Bangladesh). The boat ran out of fuel so the boatman moored to go and get some, and we found ourselves in the middle of a pod of dolphins. We stayed at least two hours watching them as they milled around and surfaced to take a breath. The dolphin is blind and uses echolocation to navigate and find food. Thanks to Alexandra King for the video.

●   A video of a young male Sparrowhawk eating a Goldfinch that it caught on the terrace of my flat in Fulham in west London. I filmed it through a window on a Canon G15 camera.

●   You can download the PDF of the Companion Bibliography to my book Edmund Blampied, An Illustrated Life (Jersey Heritage, 2010). It's a large file of 64 MB, so it will take some time. It is for personal use only and cannot be edited, sold or used in any way without paying me lots of money.