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Beatrix Stanley

Lady Beatrix Stanley neƩ Taylour (1877-1944) was a horticulturalist and botanical artist who drew the plants of India, where she lived with her husband who was Governor of Madras (now Chennai) from 1929 to 1934. Several flowering plants were named after her: a double snowdrop of the genus Galanthus, a type of dwarf Iris histrioides, and a species of Saxifraga. She was editor of the Royal Horticultural Association's New Flora and Fauna from 1938 to 1940, on her return to England. The music on the instrument is 'The Bird and the Rose', a song written by Robert Hichens.

The bookplate was designed for her in 1898 when she was 21 years old. The bookplate is listed in Horace Jones's catalogue of the bookplates signed 'W.P.B.' under the name Taylour, Beatrix, so this may be a version modified after she married George Stanley in 1903.

Date: 1898

Paper size: 89 x 69 mm

Plate size: not known

Design: 73 x 52 mm max

Credit: INV. W.P.B.

Designer: possibly J. Scott

Proof: AH

Image of bookplate

Bookplate (click to enlarge)