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Isabel Somerset

Lady Isabella Caroline Somers-Cocks (1851–1921) was a British philanthropist, temperance leader and campaigner for women's rights. In 1872 she married Lord Henry Somerset who gave her a son but became infatuated with a seventeen year-old boy. She outed him as a homosexual, which apparently wasn't done in those days. They separated but never divorced. She established the Colony for Women Inebriates in Reigate.

The motto "Sicut Flos inter Spinas" means 'As a flower among thorns'. The flowers could be hawthorns.

Date: 1906
Paper size: 91 x 70 mm
Design: 75 x 59 mm max
Credit: INV W.P.B. (William Phillips Barrett)
Designer: Charles Bird
Proof: MH
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