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Gerald Anthony Shaw-Lefevre St John-Mildmay

This modest man (1860-1929) was born Gerald Anthony St.John-Mildmay, but changed it in 1900 by Royal Licence to Gerald Anthony Shaw-Lefevre-St.John-Mildmay, according to Peerage.com. He was the 7th Baronet Farley. The title was dormant from 1955, presumably because there was no direct descendant, but it was claimed in 1998, and they are now up to number 11. The motto 'Alla ta hara' means 'under her broom' in Estonian and 'god my help'.

Date: 1905
Plate size: trimmed
Design: 112 x 81 mm max.
Credit: INV W.P.B. (William Phillips Barrett)
Designer: J.A.C. Harrison
Proof: AH
Image of bookplate