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Sir David Lionel Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons

This is the smaller of two bookplates for David Lionel Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons 2nd Baronet (1851-1925), who was the first Jewish Lord Mayor of London and was elected an MP in 1851. He was not allowed to take his seat in Parliament because he would not swear his oath of office using the phrase on the true faith of a Christian. The law was changed in 1858. His house, Broomhill, near Tunbridge Wells, was one of the first to be lit be electricty. He had his own generator and did experiments with electricity. The house is now the Salomons Museum and a hotel. He was born David Salomons and in 1899 added the names Goldsmid and Stern, the surnames of his father- and mother-in-law respectively, with their coats of arms. He had a collection of 124 Breuget watches and clocks. His only son died during the Galipoli Campaign in the First Word War and his body was not recovered. The Baronetcy became extinct in 1925 with the death of Sir David.

Date: 1908

Paper size: 130 x 87 mm

Plate size: 53 x 37 mm

Design: 37 x 23 mm max

Credit: W.P.B. (William Phillips Barrett)

Designer: Robert Osmond (Lee, 1998: 412)

Proof: MH

Image of bookplate