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Elinor Glyn

There is no evidence that this plate was published by Bumpus except for an example in the University of Delaware, here, which states it was designed by William Phillips Barrett. It is not listed by Horace Jones (1978). Brian North Lee lists the plate in his catalogue of bookplates designed by Robert Osmond (no. 201) for Bumpus and dates it from 1913.

Elinor Glyn née Sutherland (1864-1943) was born in Jersey and mostly raised there after early years in Canada. It is fondly believed by this writer that in Jersey she met James L'Arbalestier, who was the inspiration for this web site, but he was a curmudgeon, so perhaps not. She married an Essex man named Glyn in 1892 aged 28 y and had two daughters. She started writing in 1900, mostly romantic fiction aimed at women. Her stories were considered to be scandalous by some people. In the 1920's she was one of the most famous screen writers in Hollywood. She coined the term 'It-girl' to mean someone with great appeal or attraction, not always physical.

Date: (1913)

Paper size: 110 x 85 mm

Design: 65 x 78 mm max

Credit: none

Designer: (Robert Osmond; Lee, 1998: 201)

Proof: MH

Image of bookplate