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According to Horace Jones (1978) this bookplate is for Emilie Packe (d 1922) who became Viscountess Farquhar when she married Horace Brand Farquhar, 1st Earl Farquhar, in 1895. He was her second husband. He died a year after her, an undisclosed bankrupt, without issue, so the title became extinct. She had two daughters by her first husband, Sir Edward Henry Scott, 5th Baron Scott of Lytchet Minster, who had died aged 41 y in 1883, so she must have been getting on for 50 when she married Horace.

Date: 1912
Paper size: 97 x 75 mm
Design: 75 x 62 mm max
Credit: W.P.B. (William Phillips Barrett)
Designer: Robert Osmond (Lee, 1998: 174)
Proof: MH
Image of bookplate