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CMA TCA (C.M. Ansdell and T.C. Ansdell)

This is the bookplate of Thomas Chester Ansdell (1846-1926) and Constance Mary Ansdell (nee Agnew). Thomas was one of 11 children of the painter Richard Ansdell R.A. They were the parents of Beryl Constance Ansdell (1889-1961) and Thomas Agnew Ansdell (1891-1966), both of whom had WPB bookplates, all designed in 1907-08.

Date: 1907
Paper size: 100 x 84 mm
Design: 67 x 59 mm max.
Credit: INV W.P.B. (William Phillips Barrett)
Designer: J.A.C. Harrison
Proof: MH
Image of bookplate

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