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Joannes et Haroldus Boldero

This bookplate is for John and Harold Boldero. John Boldero was a businessman. His son, Sir Harold Esmond Arnison Boldero (1889-1960), was Dean of the Medical School at Middlesex Hospital where the medical library was named after him, and was Registrar of the Royal College of Physicians. The library is now a part of UCL Library. Harold married a woman named Margery Dunn in 1917.

Balder is a Norse god who had a dream of his own death. The swastika is a symbol used by a number of religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Christianity. The leaves on the left are mistletoe.

Date: 1910
Paper size: 111 x 78 mm
Design: 100 x 72 mm max
Credit: W.P.B. (William Phillips Barrett)
Designer: Robert Osmond (Lee, 1998: 54)
Proof: MH
Image of bookplate

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