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Henry John and Minnie Caroline Bell

Henry and Minnie were book collectors, particularly of fine bindings, such as the Doves Bindery and the Kelmscott Press. Henry Bell made his money as a goldsmith and in 1914 was a director of Garrard & Co, Crown Jewellers. He may also have been Crown Jeweller, himself. They lived at Linden House, College Road, Epsom. According to Horace Jones (1978) the coat of arms is 'Bell impaling Blundell', meaning arms side by use, usually a husband and wife. The 10 rectangles are called 'billets', which may represent a block of wood or a sheet of paper. I can find no Minnie Caroline Blundell and the only reference to her is about the bookplate.

Date: 1912
Paper size: 154 x 120 mm
Plate size: 134 x 91 mm
Design: 106 x 72 mm max
Credit: W.P.B. (William Phillips Barrett)
Designer: Robert Osmond
Proof: MH
Image of bookplate

Bookplate (click to enlarge)