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Sir Gervase Beckett

This is the third, different, plate for Gervase Beckett (1866-1937). It is dated by Horace Jones (1978) from a copy signed and dated by Robert Osmond, the engraver. Becket was a banker and politician. He married Mabel Theresa Duncombe (1877–1913) and they had four daughters, one of whom married Anthony Eden, a British Prime Minister. His wife died in 1913 and he married again so, at the age of 52y, he had a son.

Date: (1917)

Paper size: 110 x 82 mm

Plate size: 100 x 70 mm

Design: 90 x 56 mm max

Credit: W.P.B. (William Phillips Barrett)

Designer: Robert Osmond

Proof: MH

Image of bookplate